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A Welcome from the IT Program Director

Prospective students often ask: What is Information Technology and how does it differ from other areas of computing studies such as Computer Science? Well, IT offers an applied computing degree at the convergence of computing and networking technology.  IT is “practitioner focused.” Paraphrasing the ACM’s IT2008 Curriculum: An IT program produces graduates who possess the right combination of knowledge and practical, hands-on expertise to take care of both an organization’s IT  infrastructure and the people who use it. And that’s what you find here in NJIT’s IT Program.

IT is ubiquitous, playing a foundational role in diverse organizations throughout our economy. As such, information technologists are needed in just about every organization to solve complex hardware and software problems that require knowledge and competencies in needs assessment, technology transfer, and user support. To address the wide-ranging applications of IT, BSIT students can choose from an array of specializations to match their individual interests and allow for further focus on a desired occupational area. Students wishing to experience a broader spread of knowledge can opt to take courses across two or more specializations. Double majors with IT and various minor programs of study provide the student with a great deal of flexibility. 

The overall IT curriculum has been carefully structured to meet the goal of preparing students to assume rewarding positions as IT professionals. All IT courses are taught by faculty members and industry professionals having years of IT experience. Co-op and internship positions are also available. Moreover, the capstone project may be implemented in collaboration with NJIT’s industrial partners. I believe you will find your studies here in the IT Program to be a valuable and enjoyable experience. I hope you will join us on the start of a life-long journey into the extraordinary world of IT.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Dr. Michael H. Halper
Information Technology Program Director