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Criminal Justice & Law Specialization Courses

Description:  The IT specialization in Criminal Justice and Law offers students the opportunity to study different aspects of criminal justice.  Students take courses in conjunction with Rutgers-Newark School of Criminal Justice and study the origins of both digital and traditional crime.  Students will learn how new technologies can be implemented to investigate and prevent crimes.  Skills learned in this specialization can lead to careers in law enforcement, forensics, or future study in law school. 

Potential careers for students interested in Criminal Justice and Law: 

Law Enforcement, Law School, Forensics Specialist, Law Enforcement Application Developer, Federal Government

Choose 8 courses for the Specialization.

Course ID

Course Name

Semester Offered

IT 220 Wireless Networks Fall and Spring
IT 230 Computer Systems Security Fall and Spring
IT 330 Computer Forensics Fall and Spring
IT 400 IT and the Law Fall and Spring
IT 430 Ethical Hacking Fall and Spring
IT 310 E-Commerce Technology Fall and Spring
IS 390 Analysis and System Design Fall and Spring

Rutgers Courses

R 202-301 Intro to Criminal Justice Fall and Spring
R 202-102 Criminology Fall and Spring
R 202-310 Case Proc, the Law and the Courts Fall and Spring
R 202-331 Delinquency and Juvenile Justice Fall and Spring
R 202-203 Police and Society Fall and Spring
R 202-202 Gender, Crime and Justice Fall and Spring

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