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Web Applications Specialization Courses

Description: The IT specialization in Web Applications focuses on different aspects of the Information Systems lifecycle. Students will take courses in different areas of web and information systems including web design techniques and web application development.  Student will learn how these technologies can be best utilized within organizations.  

Potential careers for students interested in Web Applications: 

Web Designer, Information Systems Manager, Webmaster, Systems Analyst, IT Manager 

Choose 8 courses for the Specialization. 

Course ID

Course Name

IS 117 Introduction to Website Development
IS 218 Building Web Applications
IS 219 Adv. Website Development
IS 247 Designing the User Experience
IS 322 Mobile Applications: Design, Interface, Implementation
IS 373 Web Standards
IS 375 Discovering User Needs to Enhance User Experience
IS 392 Web Mining and Information Retrieval
or IS 421 Advanced Web Applications
IT 302 Advanced Internet Applications
IT 310 E-Commerce Technology
MGMT 480 Managing Technology and Innovation
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