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BSIT Core Courses

The following are the required Core courses for the Information Technology program.  All courses must be taken.

Year 1: Breadth and Depth of Information Technology

  • CS 100: Roadmap to Computing
  • IT 101: Introduction to Information Technology I
  • CS 113: Introduction to Computer Science
  • IT 114: Advanced Programming for Information Technology

Year 2: Tools and Applications of Information Technology

  • IT 201: Information Design Techniques
  • IT 202: Internet and Applications

Year 3: Software and Hardware Infrastructure of Information Technology 

  • IS 331: Database Design, Management and Applications
  • IT 340: Introduction to System Administration
  • IS 350: Computers, Society and Ethics
  • IT 420: Computer Systems and Networks

Year 4: Systems Integration and Synthesis of Information Technology 

  • IT 490: Systems Integration
  • IT 491: Information Technology Capstone Project

Please visit the NJIT Undergraduate Catalog for all course descriptions.