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Careers in Information Technology

Every major industry depends on IT professionals and their ability to design, set up, program and support the tools and infrastructure needed to compete in a technological world. Some career opportunities are:
  • Network Security: Wireless Network Security Administrator, Digital Crime Analyst, Firewall Administrator, System Administrator, Network Security Analyst

  • Multimedia: Graphics Designer, Video Editor, Graphics Artist & Animator

  • Criminal Justice & Law: Law Enforcement, Forensics Specialist, National Security and Federal Government

  • Management: MIS Administrator, IS Manager, IT Manager

  • Web Applications: Web Designer, Information Systems Manager, Webmaster, Systems Analyst, Database Administrator

  • Game Development: Game Designer, Game Programmer, Software Designer, Programmer/Analyst

Below, please see the median IT Salaries for a graduate working in the NJ, NY, PA area:

IT Systems Administrator  Median  $93,000

Network Administrator   Median  $64,430

Unix Administrator Median $102,993

Web Applications Developer I Median  $63,479

Web Designer Median  $72,557

Interface Web Designer Median  $93,755

Game Developer    Median  $81,192

Video Game Programmer Median  $99,000

Game Development (Art & Animation) Median  $71,354

Video Game Designer   Median  $70,223

Video Game Production Median  $85,687

Video Game Development (Audio) Median  $68,088

Game Development (Business Managers) Median$102,160

IT Project Coordinator Median $105,621

IT Managers/IT Assets Mgmt Admins Median  $66,999

Computer/Data Forensics Agent Median$119,000

Network Security Systems Mgr Median  $95,306


Career projections for IT Graduates are very optimistic.  Please read the Career Projections flyer here

Additionally, the US News and World Report included four IT Jobs (Database Administrator, IT Manager, Web Developer & Information Security Analyst) among the top 30 best jobs of their 100 Best Jobs list.

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Jason Chin (class of 2008) has a job in the video game industry.